Beth & Calvin's Story

A Q&A with Kendall & Logan

"Ashley! You are a sleep WIZARD! I didn't think newborn sleep like this was possible, but just a few weeks after reading and implementing your manual - we have a different child. Thank you will never be enough!" - Kate & Baby Sam

" I just want to send a quick note. First off, thank you for putting this information and your wealth of knowledge out there. As a first time mom I have highly relied on researching, reading and listening all things baby to help guide me through motherhood and feel like 'I got this'. I was not anticipating my baby's sleep to such a focus, but it has been because if she doesn't sleep, I don't sleep and my as a working mom, that just doesn't cut it. You understand. We have always followed a strict bedtime routine, nap routine (outside of the challenged with childcare naps), sleeping cues, etc but 6 months my daughter was still not sleeping through the night. Our pediatrician assured me that she did not need to feed through the night anymore. I was nursing to put her back to sleep at that point so I wanted to so come sleep training. We did a cry it out type approach and it did work. It was HARD and stressful, but it did work. However, she/we had somehow fallen back to bad habit and recently at 11 months old my daughter was waking 2-3 times a night. She would wake, fuss and I would go in the room to rock her back to sleep. Sometimes this led to baby girl sleeping in my arms in bed. I even crawled into her crib once (maybe twice) to lay next to her in the middle of the night desperation. I stumbled across you on Instagram and in desperation purchased your manual without thinking twice about it. I have listened to all of your tips and trick and 2 nights ago I told my husband we were going for it! We braced ourselves for a rough first night. Based on our current routine I knew we were 85% there.  So, night one, I did what you said  and then low and behold baby girl fell asleep on her own and SLEPT THROUGH THE NIGHT! 7:30pm-6:30am. Last night, I did the same and she did it again! Praise Jesus! So proud of her and us! Also, early morning wakings have been a thing and I so appreciate your advice on this topic. Life changing news! I could really go on and on, but will stop here. Thank you for Sweet B's Sleep and sharing all you have learned with us Mama's." - Emily 

"We were skeptics.  We just thought our child wasn't a sleeper and so many of our friends agreed.  You were our last hope, but we really didn't think we'd see much change.  WOW were we wrong.  Our only regret is not starting sooner." - Megan & Baby Eliza

"I don't even tell my friends how good Thomas is sleeping because I'm worried they would stop being my friends.  We are so incredibly grateful for your manual." -  Alison & Baby Thomas

"I don't know what we would have down without this manual.  It made me feel ready to take on parenthood.  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts." - Abby & Baby Hank

"ONE night.  That's all it took.  ONE night.  I am in shock!  We went from multiple wakings a night and questionable naps, to a baby who slept through the night and napped after ONE night.  I really can't believe it.  Thank you Ashley!" - Lori & Baby Harlow

"My friends can't believe how well she sleeps!  They keep saying it's a fluke, but I know it's not.  Your manual gave me the confidence to know what to do and when to do it.  By six weeks Emily was sleeping through the night. Thank you!" - Lauren & Baby Emily

"I would purchase this manual for every single friend I have who is expecting, if I could.  It's a game changer.  Thank you!" -  Kelly & Baby Nora