Our Story

Hello and welcome to Sweet B's.  I'm Ashley and I'm so happy you are here.  Let me introduce myself and more importantly, my Sweet B's. 

I am a mom of four, my three Sweet B's here on earth and one Sweet B watching over us from heaven.  I have a full time career, outside of our home, which I love and cherish.  When I had my first child, a daughter, I knew that I needed sleep to continue to manage our home, my career and our new adventure.  This was in 2011 and many of the resources that are available to us now via social media did not exist.  I read every sleep book out there, every blog, every newspaper clipping… you get the point! While I gravitated to some more than others, I took bits and pieces of different books, research and science to put together a plan that worked for our family.  Low and behold, our daughter slept through the night at five weeks.  By six months, she was sleeping twelve hours a night and taking two, two hours naps a day.  Around eighteen months she continued to sleep from 8 pm – 8 am but transitioned to one three-hour nap every afternoon.  She has grown into a happy and healthy young lady, who will still nap when I ask her to, sleeps 10-12 hours overnight and appreciates the value of sleep.  While I had many people tell me I had gotten lucky and was given a sleeper, I had many who were curious what my methods were, so I started helping some friends when I had the time.  All those babies started sleeping as well!

Somewhere between having my first Sweet B and helping some local friends, I started getting so many inquiries I had to formalize the process. I also started to extend my network.  I took certification classes, worked with pediatricians, OBGYN’s, pediatric dentists, NICU nurses and more.  I now also have a son who was born in 2016 and our grand finale, a daughter we welcomed in 2020.  Two more Sweet B's.  Both kiddos have slept through the night at six weeks and followed the same path as my daughter. 

For years, this business was run out of my personal email account, with no website or social media presence.  I liked it that way.  I liked the manageable feel and our hands on approach.  At the end of the day though, that approach meant I was dropping balls on many fronts, it also meant there were a lot of families out there wanting sleep who I could not help.  My goal, by expanding is to keep the same hands on approach, keep the same simple straight forward method to sleeping, but help so many more families find sleep.  For all of you who have been with me since the beginning, you shared my email via word of mouth and kept coming back when I was running things out of my email, THANK YOU! It is because of you, and your sleeping children, that this passion project has turned into more.

I am just a mom, trying to help other moms who appreciate sleep and appreciate the gift that sleep can be to children.  I truly believe that all babies want to sleep; they just need our help to learn how! 

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