What is your overall baby sleep philosophy?

I could talk about sleep for hours, but if I had to summarize my methods in one sentence, it would be implementing a daytime schedule and teaching self-soothing techniques, which leads to uninterrupted nighttime sleep! 

Does “sleep training” really mean “cry it out"?

No.  To be very clear, my method of sleep training from birth does not involve “crying it out” and every baby I have every worked with from birth (or prior) has never had to cry it out.  You also will not see the cry it out method brought up in any of my manuals for children under the age of one.  There is newborn training around ensuring if your child is really crying to wake or if they are just going through a sleep cycle and need a few minutes to settle themselves down, but again, you will not read the words cry it out. I understand that not everyone starts their sleep training journey from birth and some of the families purchase a manual with some habits to break or new capabilities to learn.  Depending on the age, sometimes the only way to break those habits is to teach the children to self soothe, which does involve some crying.  Prior to a year, there is always a finite amount of crying you can expect, and it changes based on their age (we do not have the same expectations for a four month old as we do for an eight month old), but after a year our only option (because they are too smart by now!) is to implement a version of the cry it out method.  I understand this method is not for everyone, but if you are ready to take the next steps I promise to give you all the support you need to get on the path towards sleep.

If you are not comfortable with the following crying times, you should not purchase!

0-4 Months: 5 Minutes, 4-6 Months: 20 Minutes, 6-9 Months: 30 Minutes, 9-12 Months: 45 Minutes, 12 Months +: 60 Minutes

Can I breastfeed while sleep training?

Absolutely!  I have worked with moms who exclusively breastfed for a year and for babies who only take bottles and I have had similar results with both groups.  All manuals are written for breast or bottle fed babies.  I personally believe in doing what works best for you and your baby.  I breastfed all of my babies, but have always truly believed that fed is best.  We have too much guilt on us as moms, as is... how you feed your baby should not be an added stressor!  Also, while I breastfed both babies, I am not expert on that subject!  I have seen too many moms beat themselves up over this decision and to me a happy mom means a happy baby, so I won’t encourage you to do something that brings you pain or stress.  Basically, if you are looking for breastfeed tips, you will not find those in any of my manuals. 

Are there any mandates for your program to work?

I do not believe in co-sleeping.  I will never support a baby sleeping in the bed with mom and dad.  Co-sleeping does not just include in your bed with you, I also support getting a baby in their crib, in their room, without mom and dad as quickly possible.  This is not part of the plan for some families, which I completely understand, doing what is best for your family is the most important thing here!  However, if you do plan to co-sleep or want your child in your room, in a bassinet, please understand I cannot guarantee the program as it it important to see full results, to implement all aspects of sleep training.  If it is already too late and you are trying to break the co-sleeping habit (or other bad sleeping habits) the manuals will help you through that transition and I assure you it will not be as scary as you think. 

Also, there is a period during the beginning of my program that sticking to a very strict schedule is vitally important.  If you are going on maternity leave or are currently a stay at home mom that should hopefully be no problem.  I understand that is not everyone’s situation though.  So if you are already back to work and your child is in someone else's care during the day the best way to have success during this program is to try to find a long weekend to invest in the beginning.  Do not worry though, my kids were day care babies, so I understand what you are working with and the Sweet B's Manual has a section on working with day care.  I promise you once that baby sleeps through the night you will get so much more flexibility, but it does take some sacrifices in the beginning. 

My baby is sleeping through the night fine, but I need help with… An early wake time, inconsistent naps, a long transition to sleep at bedtime, etc. Can you help with that?

Yes!  If your baby is having sleep issues, that are not just sleeping through the night, these manuals can help! Don’t let your friends tell you “all babies wake up at 5:45 am”.  That is not true!  We should have babies sleeping until at least 7 am, many later if you are not on a work or daytime schedule during the week.  Naps should be consistent and babies should take them for years and years!  (Please keep in mind this consistency doesn’t start until around four – six months though, so if you have one younger than that you isn’t napping well, give it a little time… it will come!).

Why are your custom manuals and full service option sold out?  How do I secure a spot when you have an opening?

While Sweet B's brings me a lot of joy, it is not my full time job.  It's not even my second full time job.  I have a full time career outside my home, as well as a full time mom role when I'm home.  Those factors prevent me from being able to take on every client who needs me.  Believe me, I wish I could, but I can only juggle so much at a time.  Due to this, on the 15th and 30th of each month I release new quantities of Custom Sleep Manuals in my store, based on my capacity for the next two weeks.  Full Time Sleep Coach openings happen as families age out of the program.  I no longer keep a wait list and instead announce full time openings via Instagram, which are sold first come, first serve via this website. 

How long after starting your program can I expect to have a child sleeping through the night?

First, it is very important to remember that every child is different.  It also depends at what age you are starting to sleep train.  If you start from the newborn stage, you should expect to see 8-10 hours overnight by 8-10 weeks.  If you are starting with any of the age specific manuals, you will see a huge shift by day four and see the full results of the program by two weeks.

When can I start?

As soon as possible!  The older your child gets, the more habits we have to break.  Expectant momma's, it's great to have a plan before you are tired and hormonal.  The manual also includes a list of registry must haves!

Where were you trained?

I wasn't!  I'm just a mom who found a systems that has helped thousands of babies over the years.  If that makes you uncomfortable, you should not purchase.  You can read more about my journey to Sweet B's under "Our Story".

How is your program different than....xyz program?

I honestly have NO IDEA!  I've been doing this for eight years, so many of the new bigger shops were not around then.  I am just a mom, who put a system in place and it's been working for others for many years.  I do believe my program is more of a step by step and I have very HIGH expectations for sleep.

Will your program work if my child goes to daycare?

Yes!  My first two Sweet B's both went to daycare and they are some of the best sleepers I know!  I have worked through many difficult daycare situations with former clients.

How long does the program take?

If you start from birth, you should see overnight sleep between weeks 6 & 9. If starting after that, plan to commit for two weeks to see results.

How much sleep do you expect from children?

Newborns - 4 Months: A LOT!, 4-8 Months: 11-12 hour overnight, 4-6 daytime, 8-16 Months: 11-12 hours overnight, 3-4 daytime; 16 Months +: 11-12 hour overnight, 2-3 daytime

How long will the results last?

As long as you are committed to the program!  I have five year olds +, still napping and sleeping twelve hours overnight.

Do I need a custom plan?

Probably not!  Unless you are traveling or have already implemented and have more questions.  99% of the time the Sweet B's Manual or Age Specific Manuals are all you need.

What if I dropped to one nap too early?  Can you help?

I can, but if your child is younger than sixteen months I will bring back the second nap!

Is the program going to tell me not to hold or snuggle my newborn?

No!  Appreciate those newborn snuggle naps, before you know it they are big kids!

Does your program work with twins?

Yes!  I make no changes to the program for twins though.. treating them the same as all the other children I have worked with has worked for many families with multiples.

Can your program help me teach my child to nap on the go or sleep flexibility?

Sorry, but not.  Sweet B's is a strict sleep schedule.  Once your child is on the schedule, you'll know what to expect and can plan around!

Does your program work with the SNOO?

I can help you break the bad habits the SNOO forms, I can help you if you only want to use it as a bassinet.  I cannot work with you if you want to use the SNOO with all the bells and whistles.

Can you help me with a travel plan?

I can! You would need to already have your child on the Sweet B's program or start the program several months prior to the trip.  I can help you navigate travel and time zones with a customized plan.

Will your E-Manual help with regressions?

I don't believe in regressions!  But it will help you know what to do if your child has a bad night of sleep or gets off schedule, which is normal!

What if the baby will have to share a room with us long term?

It can work, but it will take a stronger commitment from you and if at all possible to get the crib in the shared room, that helps significantly! 

What if my baby will share a room with their sibling?

It would work best if you can commit to separate rooms for the first two weeks of training, it could just be a temporary solution because once trained they can share!